200mg CBD Massage Oil




200mg CBD Massage Oil by Natural Xtract.

THC Free ~ Apply our CBD Massage Oil directly to your skin for a naturally calming affect that may help alleviate pain from anxiety, seizures, and indigestion.

Natural Xtract is a market leading natural food products company. We manufacture and sell cannabinoid-rich hemp-oil products containing naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN , CBDa). Our proprietary extraction, isolation, and lipid-modification technologies produces the cleanest and most consistent hemp-oil extracts possible. Our industry experience with CBD makes us meticulous about our manufacturing process. Natural Xtract cannabinoid-rich hemp products are of the highest quality you’ll try.

  • 200mg CBD Massage Oil, 120ml bottle(4oz.)
  • Lab-Tested. Made in America, using 100% Naturally Organic Ingredients
  • Made with: CBD, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive-Oil, Lavender, Apricot Oil 200mg, THC FREE
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